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A Microwave oven is an electric oven, cooking and heating of foodthat heats and cooks food without the use of water by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. Despite their small size, Microwaves carry a huge amount of energy which is very efficient at reheating food, retains essential nutrients and doesn’t make food soggy. It becomesmore convenient and safer to use so that it has become a mandatory and necessary part of the modern kitchen. Generally life span of a Microwaveis more than 5 to 8 years.

But due to meticulous use,electrical and display PCB related problem of a Microwave may develop many more issues likeMicrowave is Not Heating, Stops in the Middle of Cooking, Plate is Not Spinning, Sparking in Microwave, No Light Inside Microwave,buttons do not work, Diode burn Repair, taking too Much Time To Cook,switch on/off the buttons by itself, Keypad button not working, Smells from Microwave,smokes while cooking, Fuses keep blowing continuously, Magnetron Failure, Faulty door switches,Faulty Transformer problem, machine Won’t turn onproblem,Noise from Microwave,Touchpadproblem, Exhaust fan not working, Sudden Stop of Microwave during cooking, sparking from socket of distribution board & electrical failure or MCB tripping problem while operating a Microwave etc .

SoMicrowave repair &servicing is necessary to fix your problem .Microwave service also helps you ensure there are no problems inside your machine and that every part of the Microwave is functioning in an appropriate manner. In smart cities like in Puri& in our busy life style you all need a trusted Microwave repair & service provider company in your locality who must adhere to certain standards of quality and punctuality to provide best & reliable service in competitive price.By considering day to day problems Vridoo offers Microwaverepairing service in Puri at your doorstep.Vridoo now offering verified experienced professional technician to address your problem who will not charge you more for a Microwave spare parts , gives you an excellent and hassle free Microwave repairing services by skillful experts in a affordable price at your doorstep within 60minutes in your city

Our Microwave repair & maintenance service in Puri

• Microwave is Not Heating

• Microwave Stops in the Middle of Cooking

• Microwave Plate is Not Spinning

• Sparking in Microwave Repair

• No Light Inside Microwave

• Microwave buttons do not work

• Microwave Diode burn Repair

• Microwave taking too Much Time To Cook

• Microwave switch on/off the buttons by itself

• Keypad button not working or working partially

• Smells from Microwave after cooking Repair

• Microwave smokes while cooking Repair

• Fuses keep blowing in Microwave Repair

• Microwave Magnetron Failure Repair

• Microwave Faulty door switches Repair

• Microwave Faulty Transformer Repair

• Microwave Won’t Turn On problem

• Microwave Door Not Closing Properly Repair

• Microwave Making Noise Repair

• Microwave Touchpad Repair

• Microwave Exhaust Fan Repair

• Sudden Stop of Microwave Oven while heating Repair

• Electrical failure in Microwave

• MCB tripping problem while operatingMicrowave

Why choose VRIDOO Microwave Repair & Service

• Best on time doorstep Microwave Repair service within 60minutes in Puri at just ₹249/-

• Trained and more than 5 years experience certified Microwave technician

• On time and same day Microwave service

• Doorstep Microwave Repair service within 60minutes

• 180days service warranty, rework assurance and 10000 damage protection

• Provide only 100% genuine ISI certified Microwave Spare parts.

• Fixed service cost at most competitive price.

• Best service at affordable price.


Our work culture is very familiar.Book you service through website and application,let geyser technician to find out the problem . After this you will get a quotation by our technician for Microwave repair. If you get satisfied with price quotation then you can confirm us to start the work.Do payment after completion of your service.

We are dealing with almost all brands that are available in the market like, Samsung Microwave Repair & Service, Lg microwave Repair & Service,Whirlpool Microwave Repair & Service,Hitachi Microwave Repair & Service,Kelvinator Microwave Repair & Service,Voltas Microwave Repair &Service, HaierMicrowave Repair &Service, IFB Microwave Repair & Service,PanasonicMicrowave Repair & Service, ToshibaMicrowave Repair & Service etc.

With our large dedicated team of verified geyser technician we are able to provide services in four different cities and all pin codes of Puri.

The service charges are individually applicable on the type and class of service as per your need.Our doorstep minimum service charge is 249/- for Microwave & all home appliances repair service.

We are understand that appliances are essential for daily use and our professionals are committed to provide same day Microwave repair service and will try to repair it in the shortest time possible. Repair time depends on actual Microwave oven problem and availability of spare parts.

Our Microwave oven professionals will carry everything else with them you will only need to help them with a working electricity connection.

Our professionals are highly skilled and will repair your Microwave with utmost efficiency but if you feel the same issues is occurring again we will be happy to revisit to check your problem. As we are dedicated towards our commitment and giving 6 months warranty for every repair work, you don’t have to worry about anything. You will get all the services for free within this warranty period.

We at vridoo valued your trust, believe in providing high quality service. We ensure all spare parts used are 100% genuine, certified spare parts and meet our high quality standards. Please check the rate chart for more details.

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